Development Strategy

Zone Development Strategy


It was agreed by the Committee that an “Approved Strategy” needed to be agreed upon for the successful development of the Oil and Gas Free Zone Onne.

Firstly analysing and matching Government, and Potential Users objectives.

Government Objectives:

  • Foreign Investment.
  • Capital Growth.
  • Technology Transfer.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Skills Acquisition.
  • Revenue Generation.

Potential Users’ Objectives:

All sectors of the Oil Industry, Oil Producing Companies, Oil Service Companies, Oil and Gas Project Companies and Down Stream Companies had specific expectations.

Oil Producing Companies:

  • Facilitating their procurement and logistics requirements for Exploration and Development programmes. So as to satisfy their “just in time” policies for offshore requirements.
  • Co-ordinating a regional procurement approach.
  • Major cost savings due to the reduced inventories required when utilising the “stockist” concept.
  • Ability to share both facilities and services.

Oil Service Companies:

  • Facilitating specific or specialised services to Oil Producing Companies.
  • Regional distribution centre.
  • Better environment for development of local content.

Oil and Gas Project Companies:

  • Logistics or regional base.

Down-Stream Industries:

  • Long term objectives for export orientated projects.

Role of Government to be limited to:

  • Providing the best possible infrastructure “surrounding” the Free Zone, with emphasis on:
    • Road and Rail Links
    • Enhancing Port and Airport
    • Electrification
    • Communication
  • Providing funding for fencing and building of administrative building.
  • Initial funding of the Management.
  • It being understood that the Free Zone Management would progressively be able to generate its own revenue, with a view to reaching a self-financing situation as quickly as possible.


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