What is OGFZA?

Oil & Gas Free Zones Authority, Nigeria

What does OGFZA do?

The Oil & Gas Free Zones Authority is the government regulatory agency superintending over the over the operations of oil and gas free trade zones in Nigeria.

Who can invest?

Companies in the oil and gas sector and its value chain.

Who can get a free zone plate number?

Only duly registered and operational enterprises can access the free zone licence plate at a fee stated in the OGFZA Regulations 2019 to view on the website kindly click on the download tab.

What are the requirements for registration?

Refer to last page of the free zone application form. It can be accessed by clicking on the download tab.

How can I lease land for operations in the zones?

Land can be leased from any of the Developers of Concessionaires operating in the zones.


What is the fee for conducting corporate search on a free zone enterprise?


Can an offshore company register with OGFZA?

YES. So long as they meet OGFZA registration requirements.

Is CAC certificate a requirement for registration?

NO. CAC is no longer a requirement. Formation/Incorporation of a free zone enterprise no longer requires CAC registration.

How long does it take to acquire a free zone licence?

Seven (7) days

What is the duration of a free zone licence?

All licences expire on 31st December of the year.

How can I be accredited as a vendor/service provider in the free zone?

By applying, completing and submitting requisite forms as well as paying prescribed fees?

Do you have working official channels for enquiry?

What are the requirements needed for the registration of a company in the Oil and Gas Free Zone

The registration requirements can be found on our website.

Do I need a CAC Certificate to be registered in the Oil and Gas Free Zone?

NO, The Free Zone Incorporation is what is required.

What is the nature of trade allowed in the Onne Free Trade Zone?

Onne Free Trade Zone is an oil and gas zone; only businesses in the oil and gas sector and businesses servicing this sector are in the zone.


What is the cost of leasing land in the Free trade zone along with the guidelines related to land leasing?

Land allocation or leasing is done by Nigeria Ports Authority and any of our concessionaires within the zone.


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