Oil and Gas Free Zone Onne

The Oil and Gas Free Zone Onne is the first of its kind solely dedicated to the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. Onne OGFZ has recorded remarkable success under the supervision of OGFZA since it began regulatory control in 2000.


From inception of the Zone, the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority has licensed over 200 companies to operate in the Zone, including reputable International Energy Companies representing 45 nationalities.


The attraction of these companies into the Zone with investment portfolio of about $20 billion has brought about an increase in investment inflow into Nigeria and created over 100,000 direct and indirect jobs. There has also been transfer of skills to Nigerians through manpower training.


The Zone enjoys an unrivalled strategic position in West Africa and is the ideal location from which to establish a distribution hub to service Oil and Gas projects in Nigeria (onshore and offshore) and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.


Oil and Gas Free Zone Onne offers high-speed services and is regarded as the largest Oil and Gas Free Zone in the world. It is adjudged by the Financial Times of London magazine to be the most successful Free Trade Zone in Africa in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).


It has helped many international companies to implement their projects and reduce costs for their cargo handling, equipment, shipping and paperwork processing in a safe and efficient manner.


The uniqueness of OGFZ, Onne, lies in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach of the Federal Government of Nigeria.  OGFZA , a government agency under the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, is responsible for regulating and managing the OGFZ Onne, and for coordinating other agencies of Government in the zone to ensure a smooth implementation of Government policies for the achievement of set objectives.


D.M.S. (Nigeria) Limited, a reputable Free Zone Management Consulting Company, was appointed to bring further efficiency, professionalism and investor friendly approach into the  handling of the day to day operations of the Free Zone and to interface with the oil and gas industry operators.


The key features of the OGFZ Onne are the two major terminals: Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT) and Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT). There are eight principal oil companies and more than 220 service companies in these terminals.


Federal Ocean Terminal (FOT)

Jetty Berth 1-8                                                                           m 2,175

Jetty 9 – 10 – 11                                                                         m 750

Drafts                                                                                          m 10 – 12

Channel Drafts                                                                        m 11 – 12

Industrial Area                                                                       sqm 551,286

Quay Apron                                                                                sqm 99,220

Warehouses                                                                              sqm 68,009

Offices                                                                                             sqm 14,919

Boundary are (incl.WAS)                                            sqm 1,980,000




Under development                                                            sqm 230,000

Under reclamation                                                              sqm 600,000

Future development                                                          sqm 867,000

Boundary Area                                                                       22,970,000



Federal Lighter Terminal (FLT)

Jetty FLT 2 – 3 – 4                                                    m 1,677

Jetty FLT-1 (BRAWAL) – 7m draft                        m 353

Draft                                                                                  m 7 – 8 – 10

Channel Drafts                                                                        m 8 – 11

Industrial Area                                                                       sqm 2,290,894

Quay Apron                                                                                sqm 61,305

Warehouses                                                                              sqm 93,680

Office                                                                                                sqm 22,745

Boundary Area (Incl. Camp/Main Gate)                         sqm 3,580,000

Boundary Area (Excl. Camp/Main Gate)                        sqm 3,000,000

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