Bamanga Jada, MD/CEO

With a profound sense of responsibility and humbled by the trust placed upon me by His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR to lead the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority (OGFZA), I align with President Tinubu’s ambitious economic agenda to transform the sector by positioning the OGFZ’s as a global player in the industry.

My vision for the OGFZ’s will transcend beyond the current zones under the control of the Authority. I foresee an expansive future for OGFZA. It is my firm intent to champion the establishment of Oil and Gas Free Zones in every state of the nation, both oil-producing and non-oil-producing.

By his expansion, there will be more investment avenues, opening more opportunities for investors who prefer to do business in states other than our current zones.

Our unique position in the oil and gas sector, makes us interface with an international clientele, for this reason we ought to adopt and advance best industry practices to cater to their needs.

In recognition of the above, I am committed to introducing offshore banking services to ensure seamless international transactions that further cements our position as a global player in the industry.

Having stood strong for over two decades as the sole regulator of the Oil and Gas Free Zones in Nigeria, the time is ripe for OGFZA to undergo a transformative rebranding.

A focal aspect of this rebranding will be the establishment of foreign investment offices overseas, to ensuring that potential investors have immediate access to our Agency and promote a better coordination and correspondence with prospect clients.

Our strategic approach will be simple, we will focus on the following key dimensions.

  1. Efficiency & Trust: We will commit to transforming the Oil and Gas Free Zones into economic catalysts by streamlining processes, promoting transparency, and reducing bureaucracy. Our goal is to instil trust, attract investments, and contribute to Nigeria’s GDP by ensuring operational efficiency.
  2. Infrastructure Excellence: We will commit to elevating our infrastructure to international standards, collaborating with stakeholders, and addressing existing challenges, such as deteriorating roads and inconsistent power supply, which is paramount to fortifying Nigeria’s global industrial stance and resilience against economic upheavals.
  3. Regulatory Modernization: Under our guidance, we will commit to revisiting and updating the regulatory framework to resonate with the evolving industry needs, ensuring alignment with global best practices.
  4. Local Content Empowerment: In adherence to the Nigerian Content Act, we pledge our unwavering commitment to promote local content across the value chain. Our focus remains on technology transfer, skills acquisition, and bolstering local businesses, thereby amplifying the nation’s talent pool and benefits.
  5. Sustainability & Resilience: As stewards of the environment and local communities, we will commit to a growth path that balances industry advancements with ecological mindfulness. In alignment with the President’s economic vision, we pledge to cultivate a production-based economy resilient to global uncertainties.
  6. Investor-focus: We will dedicate ourselves to fostering an environment conducive to investors, simplifying business operations within our zones. Recognizing Nigeria’s potential in gas reserves, we pledge to capitalize on this resource, anchoring our Free Zones as hubs for refining, utilization, and development in line with Nigeria’s energy transition goals.
  7. Welfare: Finally, but not least, we will commit to prioritizing the welfare of all staff. I will be open to suggestions on improvement of our processes and procedures and charge you to respond positively to changes as we seek to reposition the Authority for more efficient performance.

OGFZ’s journey forward will be one of collaboration, innovation, and dedication, with unwavering support of all stakeholders.

Why invest in OGFZ?
  • Round-the-clock operation (365 days, 7 days a week).
  • Ability to hold duty Free stock in a strategic location central to West Africa sub-Saharan region, enabling streamlined procurement logistics with reduced inventory requirement.
  • 75% duty rebate.
  • Computerized Free Zones Inventory Management System.
  • Tax Incentives
  • Direct access to sea and same-day turnaround of supply vessels operation.
  • Single-point responsibility and vessel operations, cargo handling, warehousing, personnel, agency etc.
  • Production in handling operations, no double handling.
  • Increased efficiency in exploration and production activities with better project co-ordination and management.
  • Ability to share both facilities and services.

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