Our Track Record

OGFZA has helped to improve the economy of Nigeria. The following are some of the major achievements of OGFZs:

Leading Player

OGFZs have placed Nigeria on the map as a leading player in the oil and gas economy of the sub-saharan Africa.

Investment Hub

As at 2012, investment inflow into the Free Zones represented about 65.5% of total investment into Nigeria within the last 10 years.

No. 1 in Africa

The Financial Times of London Magazine on FDI regards Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Free Zone at Onne as the most successful in Africa.

Continental Player

OGFZs have attracted all major oil companies which are now using the Free Zones as a hub for their business transactions covering the entire Gulf of Guinea up to Angola and South Africa.

Improved Economy

Presence of OGFZs has increased the tempo of economic activities in our ports.

Increased Revenue

OGFZs have attracted over 200 companies with $20 Billion and created 100,000 jobs (both directly and indirectly), leading to increase in Government revenues.

For instance, Intels, through its development activities has created 20,000 direct jobs and 50,000 indirect jobs and attracted over 185 foreign and local companies to operate and invest within the Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone.

The total value of projects executed pursuant to agreements by Intels with NPA (including future commitments) stands at $3.6 billion while investments by Intels directly or facilitated through other private investors (including future commitments) amount to $4.5b, making a grand total of $8.1b.

–       Overall, OGFZs have attracted over 200 companies with over $20 billion of investments and created 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, leading to increase in Government revenues.

Why invest in OGFZ?
  • Round-the-clock operation (365 days, 7 days a week).
  • Ability to hold duty Free stock in a strategic location central to West Africa sub-Saharan region, enabling streamlined procurement logistics with reduced inventory requirement.
  • 75% duty rebate.
  • Computerized Free Zones Inventory Management System.
  • Tax Incentives
  • Direct access to sea and same-day turnaround of supply vessels operation.
  • Single-point responsibility and vessel operations, cargo handling, warehousing, personnel, agency etc.
  • Production in handling operations, no double handling.
  • Increased efficiency in exploration and production activities with better project co-ordination and management.
  • Ability to share both facilities and services.

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