Notore Industrial City

Notore Industrial City, Onne Rivers State

Notore Chemical Industries was granted a Free Zone Developer (FZD) Licence in 2017 by the Onne Oil & Gas Free Zones Authority (OGFZA) to operate an Oil and Gas Free Zone in Onne.

Pursuant to being licensed as a Free Zone Developer, Notore Chemical Industries has created the Notore Industrial City (NIC) as an Oil and Gas Free Zone and commenced full scale operation. NIC is positioning as a gas hub but is also providing logistics and engineering services.

The NIC is being developed on a world class industrial master plan design model on a private real estate of 560 hectares owned by Notore Chemical Industries with government-approved title of a Certificate of Occupancy valid for 85 years. The city design concept seeks to deliver an experience in which people would “work, live and play” in the convenience of the same ambient environment.

The companies projection is to expand its built area from 120 ha to 560 ha  with the capacity to provide 24/7 operations offering a wide range of services and facilities from cargo handling and inventory management to warehousing, stacking yards, offices, camp accommodation and recreational facilities.

Positioned strategically along the Notore Channel with navigational access to the Atlantic Ocean, NIC, if we must emphasize, is predominantly a gas hub with logistics and industrial base that provides integrated solutions to companies operating in West Africa along the entire oil and gas value chain. The hub is an integration of 3 zones into one theme—Industrial (which is the main core), Commercial and Residential zones—making up a unified layout designed to be self-supporting.

The occupancy scheme is a model by which plots are leased to companies under the “sites and services” scheme.

NIC is located in Onne, Rivers State, Nigeria. The City is less than 3km drive from the Onne Ports and less than 15km drive from the central business district of Port Harcourt.

  • NIC can be directly accessed by road via the federal highway to the OGFZ and the Notore Jetty with navigational access to regional and international waters.


Key Features

  • Land and sea lane
  • With over 120.6 hectares already developed, the Notore Industrial City has a 5-year development plan to fully develop the entire 560 hectares of land.
  • Dedicated gas pipeline
  • 50MW power plant (24-hour power supply)
  • Warehouses and workshops
  • Jetty/Channel Access
  • Over 2km of shoreline
  • 3600 sqm of jetty dock
  • 24-hour security
  • Firefighting station with operational fire trucks
  • Internet infrastructure throughout the Industrial City
  • Laydown areas with open storage
  • Office buildings (fully furnished)
  • Water and sewage treatment plants
  • Helipad
  • Camp accommodation with swimming pool, bar, gym and international restaurant


  • NIC is designed to provide 24/7 solutions for cargo, vessels, barges, crew changes, project support, personnel support (including accommodation and recreation) and more. Boasting strong partnerships with reliable service providers in logistics equipment services, the City will ensure that your cargo and people get from point to point safely and efficiently whenever needed, supervised by a first-class logistics team.
  • Logistics and Construction Equipment: NIC is investing in logistics equipment for the service of client companies. The equipment include:

Cranes, forklifts, trucks, flatbed trailers, tugs, flat barges, Fuel barges, work barges, ferries and speed boats, earth moving equipment.

Berthing and Vessel Handling:

  • Notore Jetty is registered as an ISPS-certified port facility with IMO, and receives local and international vessels. It features a 120m quay, 8.5m draft, 25-ton/m2 high load bearing area and additional 30-ton Mooring Dolphins at either end.

Large Fabrication Works:

  • NIC currently has several hectares of developed and serviced land that is ideal for large fabrication, from pipe coating to jacket and FPSO topside manufacture/ assembly.

Water and Fuel:

  • Water is piped directly to the quay, and the city has an extensive water treatment plant with large storage capacity and two boreholes. Fuel will be provided by Notore Industrial City when associated facilities have been completed.

Office Complex:

  • NIC has a range of facilities including office buildings and complexes in a secure area, operational offices built above warehouses, workshops next to the quay, and new porta cabins. All offices come fully furnished and serviced, including high-speed internet connection and catering services.

General Infrastructure and Security:

  • NIC has 24-hour power, water, Internet access, and all the other conveniences of modern life. The City uses the latest infrastructure, IT and personnel security solutions. All the operational and personnel areas are fenced and can only be accessed through secure access control offices. Armed and unarmed guards patrol the area 24 hours a day and IT solutions are deployed throughout, including CCTV.


  • A modern, secure and comfortable 153-apartment residential estate—the Garden Camp, with recreational facilities, is located within a walking distance of the industrial area.

Health, Safety and Environment:

  • NIC operates an Integrated Management System (IMS) that includes quality, health, safety and environmental management system. Their HSE Policy focuses on delivering a superior service to customers that exceeds their expectations, including:
  • HSEQ performance that will prevent damage or impairment to environment
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Elimination and/or minimization of health and safety risks
  • Ill health and injuries prevention program at the workplace.

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