Private Sector Response

Private Sector Response

The Private sector has clearly demonstrated its willingness to take up the challenge and opportunities offered by the Free Zone.


Investments & Capital:

  • More than $300m has so far been invested by the Private sector into the Free Zone.
  • Ministry of Commerce’s direct investment within the Free Zone is less than $12m.
  • Port Authority’s considerable investment in the new facilities completed in the last six years, have all been self-financing.


  • More than 4,000 people are now employed by the private sector, Free Zone Licensees, at Onne.
  • More than 700 public servants are working at Onne for government agencies and authorities.

Skills and Transfer of Technology:

  • Several of the Free Zone Licensees have taken the Onne Free Zone opportunity to transfer to Nigeria some of the activities previously performed overseas.
  • Such transfers have thereby contributed greatly to the increase of “local content” within the Oil Industry.
  • These include: equipment stockist; pipe coating; cement plants; waste management; dry dock; specialised maintenance services.


  • Cost of Oil –indirect, but very substantial, revenue savings by government.
  • Made through large savings in the cost of Logistics in the exploration and development of Nigeria’s oil fields.

Port Authority Revenue:

  • Substantial revenue generation for NPA. Including the creation and control of new sources of revenue within the Oil Industry.
  • These are self-financing all NPA infrastructure improvements and developments at Onne.

Customs (NCS) Revenue:

  • Improved control and revenue “facilitation” for the Nigerian Customs Service.

Free Zone Management Revenue:

  • Progressively increasing, enabling the Free Zone Management to be self-financing by 2003.


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